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We hope the questions and answers below help you understand our organization and how we operate. As always, if you have additional questions or need more details, feel free to reach out to any of our board members. Contact information can be found by clicking the "About" tab above.

Why change the name of the league from AYFA (Alpharetta Youth Football Association)? In 2015 we changed our name from AYFA to the North Atlanta Football League (NAFL) as it better represents the growing communities we serve in Alpharetta and Milton.

How are teams formed and what does it mean to align with high school districts? NAFL is first and foremost a recreation league. Team formation is based on the high school districts of Alpharetta, Cambridge, and Milton. Players will be assigned to those teams based on the high school district in which they reside, according to the Fulton County Board of Education (clickhere to determine your high school district). This method of team formation is utilized by well known leagues across the country such as "Pop Warner". It fosters camaraderie, friendships with families and players in the same school district (which helps with carpooling), and helps bond the player/coach relationship year over year. Beyond 5th grade, it will prepare your player for the "feeder" program in their high school district (referred to as a "feeder" high school program, as Fulton County middle schools do not offer a separate football program). Please do not register your child for a different high school district than the one in which they are districted. Addresses will be checked by the registrar.

Does that mean my player will have the same head coach from kindergarten through 5th grade? It depends. Coaches are evaluated each year and new coaches to NAFL will be interviewed by the District Director (there are 3 District Directors: Alpharetta, Cambridge and Milton). The District Director will make a recommendation to the board of directors and then the head coach will be placed. Historically, surveys are sent to families at the end of the season. New for the 2017 season, surveys will be sent out mid-season and end of season. There is a section of the survey that addresses the coaching staff for your team. We encourage everyone to complete these surveys so that we may better serve our families.

What if I live outside of Alpharetta or Milton? All players are welcome. In general, your player will be assigned to a team with the least number of registrants. There is a non-resident fee that applies to out of city residents.

Is this a recreation league? Yes. Also referred to as "D2", our recreation principles are firmly intact. This includes maximizing playing time for all players and providing a fun, safe, educational team football experience.

How many players will be on each tackle team? There will be a minimum of 15 players per team. Maximum number of players according to FCYFA rules are as follows: 2nd-3rd: 20 players and 4th-5th: 25 players. The Board of Directors reserves the right to assign players to teams that may not meet the cap or has too few players to play safely. For example, if a 3rd grade Raiders team has 20 players signed up and the 3rd grade Bears team only has 13 players, we will adjust the teams accordingly. Our highest priority is to have your player play for the high school district in which they reside, but there is no guarantee. Although there is no guarantee with early registration, we do encourage it. We have many new players moving into our communities towards the end of the school year and other circumstances in which players sign up towards the end of our registration period. In an effort to include any child that wants to play football or cheer, we will not turn them away if we have the space to place them on a team.

What does "wait-listed" mean? Any flag or tackle football player registering after July 1 will be placed on a wait-list. During the wait-listed period (typically 7-10 days) the league will determine if there are spots available on a team in their age group. Every effort will be made to place your child on a team. There are no guarantees they will be placed on their districted team.

Is this a "D1" program? No. "D1" refers to a "select" or "travel" league. This is a recreation league. All players will be assigned to teams and no one will “try out” and compete for playing time.

Will there be a draft this year? Only in situation where an age group has enough players to form multiple teams within a school district. NAFL contracts a third party evaluator who will conduct a player assessment to objectively aid in the draft process. You will be notified if this affects you.

How far will I have to travel to play "away" games? Your team will likely have 4-5 home games played at North Park. We have calculated a distance of 17 miles as the maximum you would have to travel for an away game.

Will practice be at North Park or the high schools? North Park and Wills Park

How often will we practice and what time/day of the week is practice? 2nd and 3rd grade tackle: (2) 1 ½-hour practices per week / 4th and 5th grade tackle: (3) 2-hour practices per week / ALL flag teams: (2) 1-hour practices per week. Practice days and times are determined by the head coach prior to the season.

What is NAFL's refund policy? A $75 administration fee will be withheld for all refunds issued prior to July 1 and $125 after in addition to the cost of the uniforms, which you all will also receive. No refunds will be given after the 1st week of practice.

When do we get our equipment? Equipment will be issued prior to the start of assessments. You will be contacted by the league for pick up dates.

What is included in the equipment deposit? The equipment deposit includes the helmet and shoulder pads. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO BANG THEIR HELMETS AGAINST WALLS OR CONCRETE. This will result in a reduction of your refund. Helmets are only to be used on the football field. Do not put them in the dishwasher. PLEASE NOTE: Equipment MUST be returned to the league at the assigned time. If you miss the equipment turn in dates, please contact the Equipment Director (see contacts) and make arrangements. If equipment isn’t returned, you will be responsible for total cost of equipment loaned out by the league. This includes the helmet and shoulder pads..

Will my equipment deposit check be cashed? NAFL no longer accepts checks as a form of deposit, rather utilizing your credit card on file to ensure equipment is returned as specified by NAFL. Consent to charge Credit Card on file if equipment is not returned at the end of the season (this checkbox is required to proceed with registration).

Can I just keep my equipment until next year? No. Equipment is serviced on a regular basis; therefore it must be turned in at the end of the season.

What equipment do I need to supply? You will need to supply practice pants, practice jersey, cleats and chin strap. You may also supply your own football equipment (helmet and shoulder pads). If you do, please bring it to equipment pick-up day to have our staff approve it. Athletic cups are not required but may be used. You may also wish to purchase a padded girdle for your player that has pads for hips and tailbone.

What other costs may be involved? End of the season parties are the responsibility of each team. Coaches gifts should be included with the end-of-the-year party expenses.

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